Is Microsoft Changing in Blog Time or is this Embrace & Extend 2.0?

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I’m reading Ray Ozzie’s blog entry on Really Simple Sharing, and I’m thinking: this is probably the first time I’m finding out about experimental development efforts going on inside Microsoft before a product is announced. That is new, and so is the apparent willigness to keep the standards in the community under the terms of the Creative Commons license.

But the cynic in me keeps wondering: there must be an ulterior motive. What ace are they keeping up their sleeve? Is this a new version of “embrace & extend the Internet” strategy that took care of Netscape?

My take is: the new Microsoft mantra is “ABG: Anybody but Google”. And they are leveraging their strength and protecting their franchise in e-mail & calendaring, which is core to their position in the enterprise. Loose this to Google (with OpenOffice) and they are doomed.


Will this work?

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I’m starting this blog because I’m checking out Flock, dubbed the “social browser”. Scobble is saying great things about it. Based on Firefox, but has a nice fresh look/feel to it.

Hello world!

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Hi there, family, friends and colleagues! Let’s get started now.


Salut la gang! 

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